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The Torbay Project (formerly known as TCHT also known as Factory Row)

Torbay Churches Homeless Trust (TCHT also known as Factory Row) has merged with the Langley House Trust and is will now be known as The Torbay Project. As many will know, our two Christian organisations had been working together for some 18 months prior to the merger and much prayerful consideration has been given to the transition. We are confident that Langley will bring financial and managerial resources which will enable the vital work already being carried out at the project to continue, whilst also improving the facilities which exist at present. A £60,000 refurbishment programme for the hostel premises has been completed.

The Torbay Project is the first of a new category of project for the Langley House Trust as it works with people who are marginalised and homeless but who may not necessarily have an offending background. The project offers a number of Direct Access beds (accommodation which is immediately available, subject to demand, rather than being dependent on a referrals process), annexed accommodation for those ready to live semi-independently, a Doctor's Surgery and a range of supported housing in the wider Torbay area, for those ready to move back into the community.

We are most conscious of the longstanding support of local churches and, as a national Christian charity, hope we may continue to count on your support in the future. A special brochure has been prepared introducing the work of the Langley House Trust and may be obtained from the Promotions Officer at Langley House Trust (Head Office), PO Box 181, Witney, Oxon, OX28 6WD Tel: 01993 774075. Other information is available from our website at

Project Referral Contact Information:

6 Factory Row
Castle Circus

Tel: +44 (0)1803 217890
Fax: +44 (0)1803 203830


Click here to read about the Friends of Factory Row

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